When I was 16 years old, I strapped into a Steadicam Mini for the very first time. I'll never forget those first magical moments of total freedom; of taking the camera everywhere. 

Fast forward, and now I have a big boy Steadicam, flying motion picture cameras. The equipment is wildly different, but I never lose site of the wonderment that attracted me to Steadicam in the first place. Years of camera assisting and operating have helped me to know the gear side of things enough that I can spend most of my time on set focusing on the shot, and how that shot will fit into the scene. 

My favorite thing is to really get inside the DP and Directors' heads, to know the story, and to execute great camera moves that can become a valuable part of telling that story. 

I believe in creativity, professionalism, protocol, and safety. I have the benefit of experience, yet an edge of youth. Time has shown me what is within the realm of possibility on a set; when it's good to take chances, and when to suggest a different method.  I have a passion for filmmaking, and an extremely positive attitude, even under tough circumstances.

I love the beach, mountain biking, travel, scotch, and cigars.